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Exhaust Fan GW-EX1380-1 (Single Phase)

Model : GW-EX1380-1
Diameter of Blade (mm) : 1230
Speed (rpm) : 439
Air Flow (m3/hour) : 44,000
Total Pressure : 56 pa
Noise : 70 db
Input Power : 1.1 kw /1.5 hp
Voltage : 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Motor Speed : 1400 rpm
Installation Dimension : 1380 x 1380 x 400 mm


  • Exhaust Fan, Industrial Grade
  • Make The Modern Workshop Breathe
  • Remove And Control Unwanted Condensation
  • Exhaust Obnoxious Fumes
  • Exhaust Excessive Heat
  • Improve Inside Air Quality
  • For Maximized Worker Comfort And Productivity
  • Self-closing Shutter Protects Fan From Rain When Not In Operation

Industrial fans are used in workplace environments to exhaust fumes or direct air flow. Most industrial fans have coated metal parts and lubricated motors that are permanently sealed to help protect against environmental hazards, such as dirt and airborne debris or corrosive fumes. They can have fan blade cages that meet workplace safety standards, as well as a variety of mounting mechanisms for precise placement to direct large volumes of air flow. Electronic circuitry for industrial fans matches the power specifications found in the workplace and provides the initial torque needed to start up a large blade fan. Industrial fans are used in warehouses, gyms, and other commercial environments to ventilate spaces and to circulate air.


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