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Ozone Generator

Model : S-960
Voltage : 230 V
Space of use : 100 – 1000 s / ft




Indoor Atomizing Antibacterial Machine

Ozone Generator

Ozone Virus Killer Deodorizer kills 99% germs, it has been found and proven In the US Market  for at last 30 years.  It is able and effectively to fight against the HAIS harmful disseases, like A(H1N1).  As such,  it’s has a deodorizing effects to clear out all types of bad smell within 30 minutes.  Especially cigarette smell with contains nicotine that pollutes air cond rooms, hall and transport vehicles like buses & cars for the function of interior Disinfection.

Virus Killer Deodorizer has the functions of a “ Clean Air Maker “ It is most suitable to be used in polluted air enviroment and relate to air cond unit. Those infection diseases like : flu & A(H1N1) are unseen viruses they growth in their air cond unit with unknown microorganisms must clear because of health security.


臭氧除臭剂杀死99%的细菌,在美国过去30年已被发现并证明有效。 能够有效地对抗HAIS有害的疾病,如A(H1N1)。 因此,它具有除臭效果,可在30分钟内清除所有类型的不良气味。 特别是香烟气味,含有尼古丁污染冷气室,大厅和运输车辆,如公共汽车和汽车,用于内部消毒功能。

臭氧除臭剂具有“清洁空气制造机”的功能,最适用于污染空气环境,涉及空气调节装置。 那些感染疾病如:流感和甲型H1N1是不可见的病毒,它们在未知微生物的空气调节单元中生长,基于健康必须被清除。


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