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NEWLONG Portable Bag Closer NP-7A

Revolution ( r.p.m ) : 1700 + 200
Stitch length : 8.5 mm (3 per inch) fixed
Needle : DNx 1-#25
Weight : 6 kg


  • For Closing Paper, Cotton, Polyester, Plastic, Vinyl, Canvas, Jute, Burlap, Coffee, and Synthetic Fabric and Material Bags and Production Lines. Also for Banners, Tarps, Covers, Prefolded Hems.
  • For closing of all kinds of bags. Single thread chain stitch, with simple mechanism for easier maintenance. NP-7A now comes with a tough, durable plastic handle and auto-lubrication, plus automatic thread cutting.
  • The portable bag closer is equipped with a safety plastic handle for insulation and features an oil pump lubrication system and automatic thread cutting. Oil lines direct lubricant to main moving elements.


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